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Learn how to use Healing power in your spirit with Chad Gonzales


One Minute Preview of New Series: Miracles: What part do you play in making them happen? Part 1

  Where are you in life? What are you dreaming of? What is missing in your life? What is it you are working so hard for? What has you troubled? Where do you struggle? What do you desire? In this series I am sharing when I began to realize that miracles are alive and well today just like they were in the Bible. Did you know they don't always just happen, most times it takes our effort, yet even knowing that we are not sure just what to do. I discuss how we are to manifest those miracles in the part we are to play. We truly are victors who  conquer defeat of whatever it is that we face, whatever, whomever is in our way and attempts to destroy our journey.  In this mini series we discover how we breakthrough the obstacles that are in the way of miracles coming alive in us. Click on the main page top "Diana's Podcast".

One Minute Preview of a UpComing Podcast

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40 Days to Becoming Who You are Meant to Be in Christ

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Lent and Sacrifice; What is in it for You? Just How Strong are You? How Can You Improve?

                                                                                For those who truly know me you know Lent matters to me. I am not catholic but I have always felt that if God could give His only son for me then there is always something I can sacrifice for Him. In order for it to be a sacrifice it has to really mean something to me. So Ash Wednesday is the start date and that is the 17th of February. I ask that you begin today thinking of what you can either give up and take on to do that would really mean something for God in your life. My first Lent that I observed was 14 years ago. I gave up my Diet Coke which I was addicted too, drinking nearly three liters a day. I had given up my number one beverage before, but this time I gave it to God and I attribute very little with-drawls this last time to that very fact it was now God's. And after about 18 days into this 40 days I realized if I could go without it for that long I could go without it forever. I haven't

Lent is Wednesday 2/22/23. What are you doing for the next 40 Days?

Watch this video and return here daily afterwards. Turn up your sound and get ready. I am not Catholic but you do not have to be Catholic to celebrate Lent. I love the idea of giving something up for God, after all He gave his only son for me for you. What can you change about yourself in order to be better for God. What is your sacrifice this season That is going to make you better? Think about it and come back and visit me on this page on Ash Wednesday Feb 22nd. and for the next 40 days as we talk about and use the book "Think Like Jesus, 40 Days to Creating a Miracle Mindset" by Chad Gonzales. In the meantime be thinking about and praying about your sacrifice.