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Here is where you can start. When you open the web page you should see this:  You will see under "Diana's Pages" the first one is "Diana's Podcast" you click on to go directly to the podcast page to listen, if you are are not already subscribed to a podcast host. You can click on each of the headings to go directly to that particular social media platform for this podcast.  It should take you to the podcast host page of buzzsprout where as you scroll down you will see and can click on the episodes. If you are new to the podcasts scroll all the way down to the list and begin with episode 1.   Here is the direct link Another way to listen on this particular site is to go to the top left side in the picture below I have circled the black lines. If you click on those lines or that area you can open the side bar player for the podcast on this very web page. Once you click on the red area the side bar podcast player on this pa

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Click on "Read More" to be able to click on the links below. To listen to the podcast simply click above in the header where you see "Diana's Podcasts."  or open up the sidebar player that will come open at the left of the screen here on this page. I eventually will be redirecting this page to as time and funds provide. I do not think Google serves me well enough. I am going to be part of a youth conference called "Shaken" in Lubbock, TX. August 4-6th. Click here for more info.  Posted as a FaceBook Event "Shaken Youth Conference" .  FYI: The Information says $50 but guess what there is no charge!  Thank you for listening.  A new season is in the making. God bless you and I thank you so much for listening.  Diana Hudgins

From Brokenness (Pandemic Life) to Finding Our Lives Again (Ep.19)

  Are you feeling discouraged, sad, fear, disappointment, tired, exhausted, hopeless? Beat up? Do you need to hear someone tell you words you need so much to hear? Do you need someone to pray for you? Listen to this. If not you, then do you know of someone who feels these things? Share with them this podcast. - Diana Hudgins

Please Help Me Grow MY Podcast By Sharing It

Please help me to encourage others and growing my podcast and my ministry by sharing it with others and on your own social media accounts. Thank you for encouraging me as well by doing so. There is always someone out there that needs to hear these words. You can listen to this podcast on just about every platform; I-Tunes, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music etc.

5 Reason God Does Not Want You To Worry

This is way too good not to share with you and encourage you. In these hard times we are living in you need to hear this over and over again and change your outlook on life. Are you feeling anxiety, stress? Are you depressed? Do you need to hear good things to get through the day and the moments? Here you go. #Lifeitsabigfaithjourney Diana Hudgins

First Day In Heaven.....

  I saw this painting on Face Book. I do not know the painter's name, it didn't acknowledge. But it brought me to tears as it reminded me of w hen I was four and my Daddy 25 he had to leave everything he had ever known and had to save his life in drier climate. The doctors said he would be dead in 5 years if he didn't go. He left us to go 1,600 miles away to start a new life and get it ready to send for us. We stayed behind with our family. He went to a place he did not know a soul. He stayed in a motel in a not so great part of town and searched for a job. All he had was what we could put in the back of his pickup truck. He found a job and saved money so he could get a place for us and then he had to save up for 3 one way airline tickets to send to us. I cried every night for my Daddy. I worried about him.The day came when we were to get on that plane. When we got there I couldn't run fast enough to run and jump up in his arms and bury my face in his chest. He always s