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You Ask: How Do We Do This?

I will be launching my podcast soon, and for the same reason for my blog writing which has always been to encourage you. I attempt to write about things in which you may be questioning and want to be encouraged in and intentally explain it in a way that others may not be. I want to write to you to provoke and inspire your thought processes and aspire you to live your life more passionately while giving you some tools to do so. I want to help you put more thought into your life and the lives of others. If you think that politics is not a place of the church, you must realize that you are allowing politics to determine your life and not the biblical values and way of life Christ has for you and the generations after you. We are living in a time that you can no longer be doing a service by remaining silent. The church has been set up for the greatest battle it has seen thus far. Therefore warriors you must be busy at war. No time to fret and worry and do not keep your eyes to the media

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