Dream Big, Ask Big

  "If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time." – Marcel Proust The only resolution I am making is that I will remind myself daily to dream big and ask big. Faith is my testimony and I have uncommon faith. It’s not ordinary, not average. It's far & beyond faith where I have a boldness & a confident faith for the extra ordinary. It’s radical faith, its extreme where I believe God for anything. James 4:2 says “You have not because you ask not.” I am bold enough to ask it and He is bold enough to do it in Jesus Name. Are you filled with worry? No, never once can I say that I have ever seen or heard of God rubbing His hands together saying," Oh man, I don't know if this is going to work out." Ha Ha. I can assure you He's got this. Share with me what you would like to learn more about this year. What would you like to learn about and be encouraged about in my podcasts this year? Ha

Its Our Time....

There is a lot more going on in our world than many of us are aware of. And that has always been true, but no truer than now. God continues to put on my heart that He has a message to so many of you  about what it is that you need to hear from Him. This podcast is speaking with several messages of encouragement so please keep listening and you will hear the message that was meant for you, you may even find that each message was meant for you or for someone you know that needs to hear this. God says that he doesn’t want for you to doubt, to be troubled, He wants  those who have lost much to begin to win back their lives and more, He wants to speak to those who struggle in the day to day, to those who feel sadness and fear and worry. To those who question, to seek and find the right answers, to those who feel stuck in this same ole place for way too long to rise up out of the ashes and move on to a destiny and a future. God wants so much for you to shake off all the misery and be encoura

Get the Job Done, Multi-task

So this time around we are going to talk about ways to help us utilize our time that may help us not to procrastinate.We don’t like the word procrastinate in our lives.  We are going to talk about ways we can get more things accomplished as we learn to multi-task using time that we would otherwise not be doing anything but sitting and waiting. I am going to hit some interesting topics to get your work flowing and time progressing more smooth as you continue on your day accomplishing many things affectively and efficiently. By putting thought into and with the help of technology each of us can become a professional domestic engineer as well as an expert to how we can have a more productive and happy life. And we all want that.  Listen to the complete podcast by clicking here:

God Made You To Be Bold

Let’s talk today about boldness and standing up for what you believe to be true and right that works in any of the areas of your life. We were all called to be leader starting with our own choice of how we live our lives. Yes, there are great leaders and there are mediocre leaders and then just really poor leaders. Which one are you? God has called each one of us to be the light unto the world. So regardless of whether you chose to be, you are an example to others, you are a leader. The question is what kind are you? You were called and appointed to this. It’s one of those “If not you, then who moments”. Let’s be clear: leadership isn’t always about standing at a podium or having some title, it is a role you are called too for God made you to have a voice with the ability to make a difference in this world and it determines the path of the destiny of how you will lead your life and influence others or not. It doesn’t care about your age or any specifics about you. Maybe you have not

God Has Been Talking to Me About You

Are you worried and living in some fear ? Does one day seem to be ok and the next you live in upset? Or say life just isn’t want you want it to feel like? I want to talk a little about prayer today and then I want to pray a special prayer over you, over all of us. I feel so much better as soon as I begin to talk to God. When things bother me I am reminded of Who my God is. I cannot begin to express the relief I feel when I begin speaking out loud to God about Who He is to me. As you are thinking about all that bothers you listen carefully to Who God is to me and you can say it right along with me as I pause a bit for you to do so and see how this makes you feel. He is my provider, my healer, my Lord, my Father, my savior, my comforter, my teacher, my faithful leader. When He is your everything the list of Who He is to you never ends. When I simply began saying Who He is to me peace overcomes me. We are living in some tough times but you know what I am not settling for this new norma

Get a Boost of Joy to Get You Going again

Image Being selective and then being intentional is really important to your overall health. Feeling encouraged and alive is much more than what foods you chose to take into your body, its about all the things you chose to ta into your overall well being. You have found times you just feel numb to many things, you feel tired, your semi-happy emotions, your basic mediocre contentment level has finally learned to settle for this speed. You wake up feeling a little more motivated and thinking just maybe I can reach higher today, but all those thoughts are shot down before you even really get your day started? All because someone said something that didn’t set right with you or you turned on to hear all the negative news or something came up against you to what you felt was setting the tone to how your day was going to unfold. Those few times turn into more often times that you are just going through the days not rea

Discover Yourself and Others....

  I grew a lot in getting to know myself better and opening my eyes to the world without even leaving home! Never in my life have I ever learned more about myself and why i do the things I do than when I have had to share my life with someone else. Now I am not just talking about say marrying someone and then living together or having a child and teaching them all the many things. No, I am talking about another way to learn these things, it was when my family and I truly were awakened through hosting an exchange student and sharing our cultures with one another. I found myself explaining so much in detail to help someone else understand my culture and help them to get to know who I am yet all along the way I begin to put a whole lot more thought into who I really am and how God created me to be. Let’s talk today about how this opportunity brought a whole new revelation to life by saying yes and allowing it to unfold. I never before thought so much about why I do things the way I do t