Why is Life a Big Faith Journey? Come Discover ......

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Why, is "Life, it's a Big Faith Journey?"

Let's make sure you haven't missed anything that were spoken from God and I to you this past six months. This is the introduction to this podcast and what it is about, sharing personal encouraging lessons to help lead you to successful destinations along the path of life. The power of your life is in your words and your thoughts, so chose them well and give life by speaking them well of others too. Be a life giver and a life changer. Let it begin in you. Welcome to “Life, its a Big Faith Journey! I am your host Diana Hudgins I am so glad that you are here! This is the introduction episode to this podcast and its blog. My personal testimony in this life is faith. Life is always twisting and turning and can be unpredictable at times. We have to keep believing in order to keep moving forward and to keep achieving.  I will be sharing stories and life lessons along this journey we call life and

Conquer Stress & Release the Joy (Ep. 20)

Hello every one of you! This is my 20th episode with you. I want to note that you can find me first on, on Apple and Google Podcasts, on Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Audible and about every social media platform there is. Simply search for my name and or this podcast Life, it’s a Big Faith Journey. So now on to business of wishing you a very Blessed Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! In podcast 18 I spoke about gearing ourselves towards our new year’s resolutions a bit ahead of time and adding in more joy and less stress into our holiday season. I felt it deserved more attention  so I wanted to go a bit further into it in this podcast. Please share this podcast with others for there is a special message at the end.  Here we are into the holiday season a time for family and friends. No desire for drama but find it is often times hard to accommodate everyone’s wishes. Its such a busy time and there is much time spent planning and shopping and

Right Here and Right Now, This is for You!

It is this time of year when people are feeling blue and many people take their own lives. Therefore I feel it is so important to repost this podcast and I am speaking directly to you the person feeling these things. Most times you simply need to hear someone say it to you. So click on the link to listen to what God and I want for you to know right here and right now.

Why would They Try to Hide This for the Next 55 years?

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The Many Ways to Listen and to Follow This Podcasts: Life, its a Big Fai...

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Daily Decree Live-By Brenda Kunneman

Click on "Read More" To listen and view this message. I wanted to share this with you and you can also follow her on YouTube. Just like 10 minute segments of lessons to help you speak over your life! We all need a daily dose -Diana Hudgins