Intro to the Reason for this Podcast "Life, it's a Big Faith Journey."

You can read the transcript here or listen on this link:  Season 1 Episode 1  Welcome to “Life, its a Big Faith Journey! I am your host Diana Hudgins I am so glad that you are here! This is the introduction episode to this podcast and its blog. My personal testimony in this life is faith. Life is always twisting and turning and can be unpredictable at times. We have to keep believing in order to keep moving forward and to keep achieving.   I will be sharing stories and life lessons along this journey we call life and it is my desire to encourage you in yours. I will be sharing why I feel called to ask you to come and spend some of your time, listening to me. I am a person of simple words and I use plenty of them. Regardless of your age, I am speaking directly to you. My message speaks from my heart to yours.   For most of my life I have felt greatly loved by my family and friends, people who inspired and empowered me with their those positive words spoken over and to me.   I have found

Happiness is Lubbock Texas (Episode 6 is Here)

Click on "Read More" and then once you have done that then click on this:   Episode 6 is Here! In the last episode I revealed how my big faith journey began, in this one entitled Happiness is Lubbock Texas I will share where my faith went from there and how I kept it going. It is very tough in a world with so much going on and going wrong. Its hard most days to keep your chin up. The enemy is waging war upon us, but it is so important to keep ourselves in “faith shape”, to be rested and to be good to ourselves so we are ready and able to live this life and serve our God. We must learn to trust God in all things and to pray about every one of them no matter how big or small or even how silly our prayers may seem at times. We must know that God cares about what we want because He cares for us. He wants us to talk to Him and depend on Him for every little thing.  So if you haven’t listened to the previous podcast episode 5 please do, for this one is a continuance. I want to enco

Faith or Fear, Win or Loose. Which Will You Choose?

Faith or Fear, Win or Loose. Which Will You Choose? A new week, a new podcast is out! In this episode (5) part one of two, I share our story and we hope that when you listen to it that you will begin to feel inspired and allow your hope and your faith to rise up more than it ever has, or has lately. You can listen to it by simply clicking "Read More" and the on the episode titled link, or you can listen on any of your favorite podcast platforms or simply here my website which you will find under the title "Diana's Podcasts" (See pic below) . Thank you for your support. Read the transcript here or click on the link above: Faith or Fear, Win or Loose. Which Will You Choose? (Season 1 Ep. 5) Hey you! Thank you for being here for today, I want to encourage your faith, maybe in a way you have never known and even if you have, I hope that the testimony of my story will give your faith the boost it needs that will inspire you to believe bigger than

Sneak Peak Here.... Episode 5 "Faith or Fear, Win or Loose, Which Will You Choose?"

  In this episode I want to encourage your faith, maybe in a way you have never known and even if you have, I hope that the testimony of my story to you will help boost you to believe bigger than you have lately and we all know that we need some of that. Those of you who may have lost hope and feel lonely and may be dealing with a lot of fear and anxiety for whatever the reasons may be, I want to encourage your hope to rise and for you to know that better days and happiness will be ahead, when you begin to allow your faith to be stirred. In this episode I am sharing how my big faith journey began. (This is part one of two.)

Preview of Episode 4 "The Beautiful Weapon of Mass Affirmations"

 Click on "Read More" to view this clip                                            To listen to the full episode click on this link or to read, the transcript follows here:  Hello everyone and thank you for joining me here on Life, its a big faith journey as we discuss the importance of affirmations. These are spoken words to you that motivates, inspires and encourages you to take action and to realize your goals. These words put together a sentence that you repeat often, in order to imprint it on your subconscious mind. This repetition can change your habits, behavior and point of view.   When thinking logically and when making   decisions you have heard the phrase “Use your head.   Your head is the most powerful weapon you could ever posses. It is where your thoughts are created and it allows you to speak those thoughts out loud into the world. Your head can lead you to success or it can get you in a world of trouble.   And just like any weapon that vessel gives you the abi