Life, it's a Big Faith Journey Podcast Ep. 1

Intro to Life, it's a Big Faith Journey   In case you missed episode one.  This is the introduction to this podcast and what it is about, sharing personal encouraging lessons to help lead you to successful destinations along the path of life. The power of your life is in your words and your thoughts, so chose them well and give life by speaking them well of others too. Be a life giver and a life changer. Let it begin in you. -Diana Hudgins

As Promised, Visuals from my Podcast Just for You!

Ta-da...  In a couple of my podcast especially the third one entitled "War Room"  I talk about my garden.  So I wanted to give you a visual to go with my story, to go with sharing my experience with you.  I spoke about how I feel since my sweet farmer/gardening Daddy is living in Heaven now and that he just may have passed down his green thumb on down to his children. And then here in West Texas lately we've got a whole lot of that good Jesus rain water. I think Daddy put in a good word for us. This garden has been some of the best therapy for me since loosing my Dad. I know so many of us have lost loved ones and other things which are important to us and we need something to invest ourselves in for it helps us in moving forward and most of us do not even realize this. It's a tribute to whom or what we lost because we must rise no matter how slowly from the ashes. And that is the beauty in it.  I also talk about how I had this very special visitor who came to see me i

The Landen Carter Show

Here is our blooper show with some technical difficulties with the filming. But instead of trashing the project we wanted to share our laughter and fun with you too. I hope you find yourself laughing.

We Have Officially Launched

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A Love Like That Changes Your World

This morning as I was talking to my grandson about his upcoming trips this summer and driving long distances I shared some of our long trips as a child. I told him about how we had moved 1600 miles away from all my other family due to my father's health. While my Daddy drove off we stayed with my grandma until he could send for us.  It was a day when calling long distance cost a fortune and for a while we didn't even have a phone. There were no cell phones, computers or internet. It was snail mail. Thinking back to how long it took for a letter to get 1600 miles and then to get one back reminds me of something like a pigeon carrier service. All that we had with us in this move was what my Dad could put in the back of his pickup truck. No toys, no TV, no dishes.  He found a small place to stay and then a job and saved for a bigger place and then saved for airline tickets to have my mother, brother and I flown out to him. Oh my gosh we missed him so much. We cried so much.  So a

I Want & Need God and You Every Step of the Way

I know you have been awaiting my podcast launching. Me too!  I am excited to share my heart and my passion with you. I have one podcast ready and two podcasts ready to record but the delay has been that my allergies have got the best of me, or as my youngest daughter said, "ole satan is trying to keep you from doing this." It comes as no surprise, he has always tried to take me down and all the plans for my future. He's afraid of my future, he's afraid of what I have to share. But no matter what he has done to me, I rise back up! I keep going maybe not as fast as I wish I could at times, but I eventually gain my strength back and get back up to speed.  So this time it's that the allergies and its sinus drainage has made me not sound at all like myself. With the beautiful sunny days I have been working outside a lot more in my garden and working in my lawns. So here I am waiting for this to pass so I can finally get the launching of my podcast accomplished and on i

Little Stories with a lot of Meaning