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So many ways how to listen to this podcast

1. You can always listen from this very page and this is how and never have to go anywhere else. I have circled in the    illustration  where you can click on "Diana's Podcast" and it will take you directly to my podcast host. The newest podcast is at the top of the particular page. Once there scroll down to see all the other episodes. Episode one is at the very bottom.   It will take you to this page to listen. The newest will be at the top. It has the other social media links at the top  right as you see that you can find me on. 2. The next option from this page you are reading this from on this illustration I have circled the black lines so you can see them as it shows you of where to look and click on that spot and it will open the side bar on your left with the podcast player and much other information where you can listen directly on this page. When it opens up this is what it will look like:  3. Go to your favorite podcasting media, like I-Tunes, Spotify, Audible,