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Hello Podcast Listeners: There are so many ways to find me. Let me show you how.

Here is where you can start. When you open the web page you should see this:  You will see under "Diana's Pages" the first one is "Diana's Podcast" you click on to go directly to the podcast page to listen, if you are are not already subscribed to a podcast host. You can click on each of the headings to go directly to that particular social media platform for this podcast.  It should take you to the podcast host page of buzzsprout where as you scroll down you will see and can click on the episodes. If you are new to the podcasts scroll all the way down to the list and begin with episode 1.   Here is the direct link Another way to listen on this particular site is to go to the top left side in the picture below I have circled the black lines. If you click on those lines or that area you can open the side bar player for the podcast on this very web page. Once you click on the red area the side bar podcast player on this pa