First Day In Heaven.....


I saw this painting on Face Book. I do not know the painter's name, it didn't acknowledge. But it brought me to tears as it reminded me of when I was four and my Daddy 25 he had to leave everything he had ever known and had to save his life in drier climate. The doctors said he would be dead in 5 years if he didn't go. He left us to go 1,600 miles away to start a new life and get it ready to send for us. We stayed behind with our family. He went to a place he did not know a soul. He stayed in a motel in a not so great part of town and searched for a job. All he had was what we could put in the back of his pickup truck. He found a job and saved money so he could get a place for us and then he had to save up for 3 one way airline tickets to send to us. I cried every night for my Daddy. I worried about him.The day came when we were to get on that plane. When we got there I couldn't run fast enough to run and jump up in his arms and bury my face in his chest. He always smelt so good. I felt everything was going to be ok now for ever. I truly picture this is again what it will look like when I get to Heaven and see my Daddy again. He will be there waiting for me ready to catch me up in his arms. And I will bury my face in his chest and smell that wonder scent again.


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