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Its Our Time....

There is a lot more going on in our world than many of us are aware of. And that has always been true, but no truer than now. God continues to put on my heart that He has a message to so many of you  about what it is that you need to hear from Him. This podcast is speaking with several messages of encouragement so please keep listening and you will hear the message that was meant for you, you may even find that each message was meant for you or for someone you know that needs to hear this. God says that he doesn’t want for you to doubt, to be troubled, He wants  those who have lost much to begin to win back their lives and more, He wants to speak to those who struggle in the day to day, to those who feel sadness and fear and worry. To those who question, to seek and find the right answers, to those who feel stuck in this same ole place for way too long to rise up out of the ashes and move on to a destiny and a future. God wants so much for you to shake off all the misery and be encoura

Get the Job Done, Multi-task

So this time around we are going to talk about ways to help us utilize our time that may help us not to procrastinate.We don’t like the word procrastinate in our lives.  We are going to talk about ways we can get more things accomplished as we learn to multi-task using time that we would otherwise not be doing anything but sitting and waiting. I am going to hit some interesting topics to get your work flowing and time progressing more smooth as you continue on your day accomplishing many things affectively and efficiently. By putting thought into and with the help of technology each of us can become a professional domestic engineer as well as an expert to how we can have a more productive and happy life. And we all want that.  Listen to the complete podcast by clicking here: