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Discover Yourself and Others....

  I grew a lot in getting to know myself better and opening my eyes to the world without even leaving home! Never in my life have I ever learned more about myself and why i do the things I do than when I have had to share my life with someone else. Now I am not just talking about say marrying someone and then living together or having a child and teaching them all the many things. No, I am talking about another way to learn these things, it was when my family and I truly were awakened through hosting an exchange student and sharing our cultures with one another. I found myself explaining so much in detail to help someone else understand my culture and help them to get to know who I am yet all along the way I begin to put a whole lot more thought into who I really am and how God created me to be. Let’s talk today about how this opportunity brought a whole new revelation to life by saying yes and allowing it to unfold. I never before thought so much about why I do things the way I do t