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Have You Been Naughty or Nice?

To live a fulfilling life it  takes purposeful thought and of course courage, it always has, but it really does even more so in this day and times we are living in. Don't you think so? We live in a whole new time that is full of challenges for all people of all ages. Do not discount the children and young adults. There is still so much reason to be excited, for God is calling us to a new season. There is no way we can be Superman or Wonder Woman, and even if we could we definitely couldn't keep that going all the time, but we can strive to be the best we can be without feeling we have to over extend ourselves and by not doing so we can focus more on being mindful to take care of ourselves, get the proper rest and eat the right things and feed ourselves spiritually as much as we can. So yes we can be the best that we were meant to be to be able to fulfill God's calling upon our lives.  Spend the next 18 minutes of taking in some thought provoking encouragement as well as thi