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Conquer Stress & Release the Joy (Ep. 20)

Hello every one of you! This is my 20th episode with you. I want to note that you can find me first on, on Apple and Google Podcasts, on Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Audible and about every social media platform there is. Simply search for my name and or this podcast Life, it’s a Big Faith Journey. So now on to business of wishing you a very Blessed Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! In podcast 18 I spoke about gearing ourselves towards our new year’s resolutions a bit ahead of time and adding in more joy and less stress into our holiday season. I felt it deserved more attention  so I wanted to go a bit further into it in this podcast. Please share this podcast with others for there is a special message at the end.  Here we are into the holiday season a time for family and friends. No desire for drama but find it is often times hard to accommodate everyone’s wishes. Its such a busy time and there is much time spent planning and shopping and