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The Podcast "Life, its a Big Faith Journey"

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From Brokenness to Finding Life Again - Podcast 19

                                                                                  Listen here: Here is a preview of this podcast. There is a lot more going on in our world than many of us are aware of. And that has always been true, but no truer than now. God continues to put on my heart that He has a message to so many of you  about what it is that you need to hear from Him. This podcast is speaking with several messages of encouragement so please keep listening and you will hear the message that was meant for you, you may even find that each message was meant for you or for someone you know that needs to hear this. God says that he doesn’t want for you to doubt, to be troubled, He wants  those who have lost much to begin to win back their lives and more, He wants to speak to those who struggle in the day to day, to those who feel sadness and fear and worry. To those who question, to seek and f