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How this Holiday Season & 2022 can Outshine the Year We've Had (Podcast#18)

                                Do you realize that we can decide at any point to make positive changes in our lives. But it is at this time of year, here we are entering into November that we begin to hear discussion about the end of this year and the approaching new year and its new beginning. You know people wait until the new year arrives and then shortly after they lose focus and commitment. Research says it takes 21 days to establish a new habit or routine. By starting now, by the time 2022 arrives may we already be established in a “renewed mindset” so when the new year arrives we will have that extra “new year momentum” to keep us going in the positive direction we wish to have in 2022. May we each be wiser, stronger and better and together be the best. So in this podcast may we begin preparing our thoughts to be upon making it one of our very best holiday seasons without putting a lot of stress and pressure on ourselves.  -Diana Hudgins  Listen from the "Diana's Podca