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Firebase27 Studios

The progress of my studio has been slow.  Things have happened to disrupt the production of the construction which I feel is to be expected. Why? Because I never thought I would ever have a place of my own to do the calling of my work. I have always had to share a space. When I lost my job last year it was hard for me, and I never thought I would ever be able to do this work and follow this calling in the truest form. I didn't ask for this studio, but I was told one was being built for me. And with working from home I found how important it is for me to walk out the door each day and walk into my own studio/office to do my work. It allows me freedom to do what I am to do and focus on it and not be distracted by all the things of home and family. I have to look at it just as I used to when I went to the office each day. Working out of the closet has its challenges. I had some doors given to me for my studio and I was so thankful for them, but then I found these and they truly touche