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Leading in Life and in Teams (Podcast Ep.15)

Welcome to Life, it’s a Big Faith Journey. I am your host Diana Hudgins. My podcast and writings are about faith one for it is my testimony as well as the fact that daily life takes faith, to do a lot of what we do. Somedays it takes faith and courage to get out of bed and face the day and show up. We aspire to succeed and do great things. I can’t help but think of   Travis Tritt’s song “I’m Gonna Be Somebody.”   We all have dreamt of being someone someday. But to be truthful you already are. You just have to decide to get up and take part of what God has in store for you today. He wants us all to lead a good life. He calls His children to rise up and so, let’s talk leadership, and being a leader that people will remember.  Let’s also talk about teamwork. Let’s talk how to lead successfully. It might take a little more effort on your part but these lessons are easy to to comprehend and remember.  Before we ever begin to work on a team at our jobs, we have been learning since the days o