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Armor Up and Prepare for it's a New Day! (Podcast Ep.14)

  (This is a photo taken of my husband as we prayed over Mescalero Indian Reservation in New Mexico)  Did you know that if you prepare for it, this week can be different than all the rest. Your week can continue to climb the charts in your, life’s big faith journey, for faith, believing in, preparation and commitment is a must to succeed. Today as this podcast is published it is Monday but regardless of the day you are listening to this it you can start right here and now. So as we get ready for our new week, let us first talk to our God and then suit up with His armor so we can boldly and bravely walk into this week with assurance that He is with us because He is no longer standing there knocking at our door, we have opened it and we have to welcomed Him in with a week that He have planned for us. Hopefully it is a door you will never close again. He wants a continual life time relationship with you but it is one that you are in control of. You always have been. He can’t come in unles