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A Seasonal Approach to Lifestyle Changes

Hey everyone can you believe it's almost October? It got me to thinking about seasons as we are approaching Fall. We often hear people talk about seasons of life. They say such things as "Oh what a tough season this has been" or "I am entering into a new season of life."  In this episode I share my testimony of how some "new season resolutions" in my life clicked and became part of my life.  When I was a student I found myself living and planning my life in semesters. I loved the semesters of planning goals and reaching those goals in short periods of time actually. Planning my life in semesters was really good for me. Those short term goals got me to the ultimate goal, the degree in which I was earning.  There were a lot of semesters and after three degrees so I missed school and my semester planning my life out in that way but, thank God I learned to live my life in seasons. My husband is probably happy about that too. You know there were things like