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Have We Lost Our Joy?

  Episode 10 is here. You know when you get to feeling your life is just stuck and you just can’t seem feel upbeat because you are just not feeling the enthusiasm for life? Or are you someone that feels that this is it, life isn’t never going to get any better? Are you so bogged down by the talk of the world? Being selective and then being intentional is really important to your overall health. Feeling encouraged and alive is much more than what foods you chose to take into your body, its about all the things you chose to ta into your overall well being. You have found times you just feel numb to many things, you feel tired, your semi-happy emotions, your basic mediocre contentment level has finally learned to settle for this speed. You wake up feeling a little more motivated and thinking just maybe I can reach higher today, but all those thoughts are shot down before you even really get your day started? All because someone said something that didn’t set right with you or you turned