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Discover Yourself by Sharing You with Someone Else

Episode 9 is Here!                                                            In Italy with our sweet Sabina It’s great to be here with you today. Thanks for taking this time with me. I have something you will really want to spend some time doing with especially with everything going on in our world, so let’s shift our focus on something else and something good and positive. Today’s topic is about a time in I grew a lot in getting to know myself better and opening my eyes to the world without even leaving home! Never in my life have I ever learned more about myself and why i do the things I do than when I have had to share my life with someone else. Now I am not just talking about say marrying someone and then living together or having a child and teaching them all the many things. No, I am talking about another way to learn these things, it was when my family and I truly were awakened through hosting an exchange student and sharing our cultures with one another.  I found myself explai