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Episode 8 is out. "Find Hope in All Times"

Click on "Diana's Podcasts" to listen or  click to read more and then once open:  click on the blue link: "Find Hope in All Times"   You will also find the player and this episode to the left of this page by clicking on the lines towards to the top to open the side bar if it is not already showing on your screen.   Hey, it’s me again feeling blessed and thankful to be here spending time sharing with you.   Oh what times we are living in. Somedays it is truly tough to remain positive isn’t it? I know it is because I to struggle. We all need hope. So many of us are suffering and we need help and encouragement to get through those tough times and lately those times seem to be hanging around way too long as they feel relentless. We find ourselves feeling discouraged and depressed even. There are a lot of unsettling things going on so no wonder a person finds it difficult to stay upbeat. We do not often know how to or what to ask for and so often times that keeps us