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My War Room

Read the transcript or listen here:   Season 1 Episode 3     Welcome back! I am so glad you are here with me.   Previously we touched base on how tough this past year has been.   So today I want to encourage you further with some thoughts and ideas to help you move forward and beyond. Today I want to share some experiences with you and also as promised my War Room creation. First off I want to say that my past year feels a lot like I felt when I found myself stuck at the bottom of a well. In Orvieto Italy there is a place called "St. Patrick's Well." built between 1527 and 1537. The central well shaft with two spiral ramps in a double helix, accessed by two doors, which allowed mules to carry in empty and fill water vessels separately in downward and upward directions without obstruction. The cylindrical well is 174.4 ft deep with a base diameter of 43 ft. There are 248 steps and 70 windows provide illumination in the center encasing the staircase.   I made it down just f

Intro to the Reason for this Podcast "Life, it's a Big Faith Journey."

You can read the transcript here or listen on this link:  Season 1 Episode 1  Welcome to “Life, its a Big Faith Journey! I am your host Diana Hudgins I am so glad that you are here! This is the introduction episode to this podcast and its blog. My personal testimony in this life is faith. Life is always twisting and turning and can be unpredictable at times. We have to keep believing in order to keep moving forward and to keep achieving.   I will be sharing stories and life lessons along this journey we call life and it is my desire to encourage you in yours. I will be sharing why I feel called to ask you to come and spend some of your time, listening to me. I am a person of simple words and I use plenty of them. Regardless of your age, I am speaking directly to you. My message speaks from my heart to yours.   For most of my life I have felt greatly loved by my family and friends, people who inspired and empowered me with their those positive words spoken over and to me.   I have found