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Happiness is Lubbock Texas (Episode 6 is Here)

Click on "Read More" and then once you have done that then click on this:   Episode 6 is Here! In the last episode I revealed how my big faith journey began, in this one entitled Happiness is Lubbock Texas I will share where my faith went from there and how I kept it going. It is very tough in a world with so much going on and going wrong. Its hard most days to keep your chin up. The enemy is waging war upon us, but it is so important to keep ourselves in “faith shape”, to be rested and to be good to ourselves so we are ready and able to live this life and serve our God. We must learn to trust God in all things and to pray about every one of them no matter how big or small or even how silly our prayers may seem at times. We must know that God cares about what we want because He cares for us. He wants us to talk to Him and depend on Him for every little thing.  So if you haven’t listened to the previous podcast episode 5 please do, for this one is a continuance. I want to enco