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What in the Pandemic? Ep. 2

    What in the Pandemic? Ep. 2 This past year has been more difficult than we could ever imagine. In this episode I share ways we have been affected in a time we have never experienced before. We have suffered and are grieving so many different kinds of losses and we wonder will it ever end, will life ever feel better again? I share with you things I feel you need someone say, one of that which is that none of this was your fault. There is nothing wrong with you. We haven't experienced anything like this before so it has been difficult to know what to feel and how to feel as we are challenged in steering our live in these unchartered   waters. -Diana Hudgins Here is the transcript in its entirety: Welcome back. I am so glad, that you, are here. Today we are going to talk about how we were impacted by this past year and some of the ways we can come out stronger.   Regardless of your age we have all been affected.   I am speaking to each one of you. I ask that you come on this littl