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As Promised, Visuals from my Podcast Just for You!

Ta-da...  In a couple of my podcast especially the third one entitled "War Room"  I talk about my garden.  So I wanted to give you a visual to go with my story, to go with sharing my experience with you.  I spoke about how I feel since my sweet farmer/gardening Daddy is living in Heaven now and that he just may have passed down his green thumb on down to his children. And then here in West Texas lately we've got a whole lot of that good Jesus rain water. I think Daddy put in a good word for us. This garden has been some of the best therapy for me since loosing my Dad. I know so many of us have lost loved ones and other things which are important to us and we need something to invest ourselves in for it helps us in moving forward and most of us do not even realize this. It's a tribute to whom or what we lost because we must rise no matter how slowly from the ashes. And that is the beauty in it.  I also talk about how I had this very special visitor who came to see me i