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I Want & Need God and You Every Step of the Way

I know you have been awaiting my podcast launching. Me too!  I am excited to share my heart and my passion with you. I have one podcast ready and two podcasts ready to record but the delay has been that my allergies have got the best of me, or as my youngest daughter said, "ole satan is trying to keep you from doing this." It comes as no surprise, he has always tried to take me down and all the plans for my future. He's afraid of my future, he's afraid of what I have to share. But no matter what he has done to me, I rise back up! I keep going maybe not as fast as I wish I could at times, but I eventually gain my strength back and get back up to speed.  So this time it's that the allergies and its sinus drainage has made me not sound at all like myself. With the beautiful sunny days I have been working outside a lot more in my garden and working in my lawns. So here I am waiting for this to pass so I can finally get the launching of my podcast accomplished and on i