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Do You Really Want to Know What Someone's Words Do For You?

You never know exactly what people think of you. For the most part we don't realize just how much good they may see in us and how well they may think of us. We simply tend to think they think mediocre thoughts of us and that isn't very powerful. We find it so encouraging to hear what someone has to say about us if it is good. Now of course they may not have good things to say so that is either on us or on them.  My journalism teacher in college shared with us that we really needed to learn to become people who could take criticism because it could help us to become better. We should not always see it as an attack but to see in ways to help us understand what others see, think and believe which may help us to be better at what we are attempting. It is what they call "Constructive Criticism." But I do believe that we are our worst critic and we tend by human nature to put ourselves down before we build ourselves us.  Once upon a time I was cleaning my young son's ro