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It's Your Time. Go for It.

You were made for more than this. Yes, you were. You were made for a time such a this. So know that God knew the timing of your birth and your lifetime. If you do whats easy your life will be hard. You must put in the effort, if you do what is hard, your life will be easy. It doesn't always look what you may have thought it would look like getting there or followed a specific pattern but sometimes the journey is a little different. But that is ok, don't be discouraged. Make an appointment to show up to put your life in order and to begin to reach your potential. Never forget your "why" as to what you want and what you dream to be. Why did you want to do this anyhow? You answer may be in the hunger for your dream inside you. You have to continue to pull from that. Stay motivated. Remember you are always learning and for each day God wakes you up, it's never too late. Believe in yourself. Just like your body has various muscles remember that your mind is also a mus