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It's ok to feel what you how you have. You are not alone.

If you do not find yourself discouraged these days, in fact for the past year I would say that is highly unusual. From experience I know that somedays it is just tough to get through the days without tears.  I know from talking to people that most of them want the same things I want, to simply live my life and enjoy the simple pleasures. Some of us have been more affected than others but we have all been affected by something we would never wish upon anyone or want for ourselves. If you find yourself sad, afraid and even lonely, that should be expected after all that we have had to endure this past year.  Probably like usual it seems not as many people are talking about these feelings even if they have actually experienced it themselves. Its like they want to appear stronger than they really are and they don't want anyone else knowing their business. And thats alright too, but some of us need to know that what we are feeling is ok and even normal. So, for those brave enough to admi