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Take Your Umbrella to the Desert

I do have a prayer closet and like anything else I have to be in the midst of something to get a real feel for it, so having done that I have found new ways to accommodate my prayer closet in a way it makes it truly my space and the place I want to be. So in the next day I will be updating my youtube channel with a video  to show you the new look! This morning my husband sent me a text asking me if I had listened to Dutch Sheets "Give Him 15" podcast entitled "Remember to Bring your Umbrella." He said it reminds me of you.  So I listened to it as Dutch talked about a little girl who brought an umbrella to a prayer meeting in a place that had seen no rain.  The umbrella was her instrument of faith as a testimony that it would rain if she believed and prayed.  I will always remember the Lord telling me that my faith without my actions are dead. What He means is if I do not say and act as if those things I am believing for and praying for is happening, then its most li