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Morgan Freeman Doesn't Want a Black History Month

Why can't we just quit calling out our differences in color and race? Children never care about any differences until someone points it out to them and tries to tell them negative things concerning their friend. Why don't we stop talking about it? And why don't we quit completing the forms that always ask us what race we are? You see the government tries to blame us for racism when they are actually the ones promoting it. I believe that for the most part we all want the same basic things in life and we should because our one creator created us all. We are more alike than you might think.  Why can't we just be friends, brothers and sisters, we the people, we are the world? There are so many beautiful unique things about each of us. Why can't we just celebrate one another? I know not everyone believes the same way I do, but many, many do. So there is still a whole lot of goodness in this world.