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God Gave Me the Holy Spirit

I wrote a year ago and I wanted to share it with you on this blog:  I am thankful for a lot of things in this day especially after spending a wonderful evening with the Lord last night. You know how we have often times wanted to be given a sign from God? Well, once upon a time several years ago God gave me a Dove. I have had birds before and I wasn't really wanting another. But at work one was sitting across the yard on the tail gate of our pickup. Hudg picked it up and put it in the bed of the truck and drove across the yard and into the shop. He told me to come see it. It let us pet it and feed it out of our hands and later it flew up to the top of the shop where we assumed it would stay until it flew out. The next day before quitting time Hudg said that I needed to come see my bird, it was still there and now sitting on the hose reel. Again it let us touch it and feed it. Well, that was it. I felt it was just too tame and friendly that I couldn't let it be so vulnerable to s