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Join the Army of God: Create Your Own Prayer Closet

This pandemic has stolen so much from us and I believe that not everyone understands the extent of such losses. This isolation and mandates of pressuring us to do things that are not normal and not even healthy disrupts our routine of life. Routines are important. Not seeing smiles and even seeing people speak. It has been a long overdue season of mourning.  We have lost jobs, loved ones, lifestyles, many relationships and marriages have been damaged and destroyed. It has divided a world in beliefs. And then to see how this year is going just adds even more stress. No one has not in some way been affected. I admit to you it has been the most difficult year of my life. I did't loose anyone to COVID but I had several people most especially my father passed away in this year. I lost my job, I lost my daily routine of my lifestyle and we have lost 40% of our income. I found myself very isolated, lonely and depressed. A strong person I am but this has been hard.  Hard times have fell up