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Ten Steps to Restore Your Marriage. How Your Marriage can be Saved.

I have shared on this page our on marriage story pouring out my heart and becoming vulnerable to all in order to help others understand that yes your marriage can be healed. I know so many think its over, but Jesus can and will heal anything, but you must ask. I found helpful site that is so very good, loaded with great insight, powerful hope and awesome Godly information. Please come and check it out. It will open your eyes to things you may not even be thinking about even if you have a good marriage, a hurting one, or one headed for an end. It never is too late. Its worth your time to read. Its worth getting your hopes up. The main thing that kept me hoping and believing was that I didn't want our children to be another statistic of divorce. They never asked to be born and have to live in a broken family. I wanted more for them. I wanted more for ourselves. I got so much more than I could have ever hoped for because Jesus was involved. Read "Our Marriage Story located on