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It's Time to Question Your World and Rise up and Roar!

Would you rather wake up on your own or have someone wake you? Have you ever been sedated? And why would a person/people need to be sedated? What are you able to do when you are sedated? Can you think for yourself? I know sheep would rather you tell them what to do and where to go, but not I. How about you? Or are you too busy counting those sheep to pay attention to what is really happening? Why would anyone want to take down and block information and keep you from forming your own opinion? Unless of course, they are hiding the truth and at all costs they can't be exposed. Possibly could it be that they don't want you to have a belief or an opinion and they maybe hiding a whole lot from you, no matter their cost or reputable business reputation? Could it be that they are not whom you thought they were? Couldn't things have changed over time from what you felt you used to know? How do you continue to put your trust in that if you never question it? Because you realize