Hope is Important and We All Need it.

These past two years have been my most struggles in life. Somedays it is truly tough to remain positive isn’t it? There are days the negativity keeps coming, hitting a person like a fast moving train. We all need some good news, we need some hope. Now maybe some don't seem to be affected as others but I can assure you there are some of us who need to be able to see some relief, the light at the end of this dark long tunnel. We find ourselves feeling discouraged and depressed even. There are a lot of unsettling things going on so no wonder a person finds it difficult to stay upbeat. We do not often know how to or what to ask for and so often times that keeps us from reaching out for what we truly need because to be perfectly honest we may not even know what it is that we need to help us feel encouraged again. There is more than one way but, I have some important ways that I want to touch base on and share some of the lessons learned and words spoken that have helped me learn to encourage and remind myself how to keep going.  I hope to help answer some of that hopelessness and help you to be able to learn by daily habit to encourage yourself as I talk to you in today. 


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