God Made You To Be Bold

Let’s talk today about boldness and standing up for what you believe to be true and right that works in any of the areas of your life. We were all called to be leader starting with our own choice of how we live our lives. Yes, there are great leaders and there are mediocre leaders and then just really poor leaders. Which one are you? God has called each one of us to be the light unto the world. So regardless of whether you chose to be, you are an example to others, you are a leader. The question is what kind are you? You were called and appointed to this. It’s one of those “If not you, then who moments”. Let’s be clear: leadership isn’t always about standing at a podium or having some title, it is a role you are called too for God made you to have a voice with the ability to make a difference in this world and it determines the path of the destiny of how you will lead your life and influence others or not. It doesn’t care about your age or any specifics about you. Maybe you have not considered these points before and maybe you will decide to start today. Being a parent you are a leader. Being a sibling, you are an influence therefore you are a leader. Your leadership role is your responsibility to take on and it holds you accountable and responsible first in how you will lead your life story, your legacy. We automatically look at our babies and can see ways they are learning to determine the character they are already building. Leadership is not just in the career mode of our lives, it first begins within us in making choices in our lives and leading the way. Leadership begins within your own personal life and choices regardless of what roles you are choosing to take on or called to participate in. Leadership starts here and it is up to you to claim your destiny of success or failure. God calls His people to lead So no matter who you are I have something here today for each of you to ponder. Listen here: https://dianahudgins.buzzsprout.com/1804494/9190070-take-the-leading-role-in-your-life-ep-12 


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