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I grew a lot in getting to know myself better and opening my eyes to the world without even leaving home! Never in my life have I ever learned more about myself and why i do the things I do than when I have had to share my life with someone else. Now I am not just talking about say marrying someone and then living together or having a child and teaching them all the many things. No, I am talking about another way to learn these things, it was when my family and I truly were awakened through hosting an exchange student and sharing our cultures with one another. I found myself explaining so much in detail to help someone else understand my culture and help them to get to know who I am yet all along the way I begin to put a whole lot more thought into who I really am and how God created me to be. Let’s talk today about how this opportunity brought a whole new revelation to life by saying yes and allowing it to unfold.

I never before thought so much about why I do things the way I do than a time such as this. I even began to question if I need to change anything. I know that this whole experience made me desire to be more open minded to people and their views and thoughts and reasons for this and for that. It developed within me a whole new understanding and appreciation of myself and others. I believe it was an awakening for me to myself. But I also found it to be a beautiful gift of knowledge and acceptance for myself and for other people from all over the world. I think it is important to travel and experience the way other people live so you can appreciate all sides of life and to realize that God made the whole world and He loves each of us so much. So let's open our eyes to how allowing our lives to expand our horizons to new experiences that can change our lives forever even without going anywhere. You can obtain this at any age right from the comfort of your own home! And after the past couple of years it may be just what you need. - Diana Hudgins


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