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The progress of my studio has been slow.  Things have happened to disrupt the production of the construction which I feel is to be expected. Why? Because I never thought I would ever have a place of my own to do the calling of my work. I have always had to share a space. When I lost my job last year it was hard for me, and I never thought I would ever be able to do this work and follow this calling in the truest form. I didn't ask for this studio, but I was told one was being built for me. And with working from home I found how important it is for me to walk out the door each day and walk into my own studio/office to do my work. It allows me freedom to do what I am to do and focus on it and not be distracted by all the things of home and family. I have to look at it just as I used to when I went to the office each day. Working out of the closet has its challenges.

I had some doors given to me for my studio and I was so thankful for them, but then I found these and they truly touched our hearts and my husband and I felt so very blessed by them and we got such a great deal on them. They match my windows. This studio is a very special place and part of God's calling and His plans for our lives is the focus. There were will an awesome story to tell here and each and every piece of it will help tell it. These doors we pulled out of a parked trailer and last known location was San Antonio Texas. They are solid oak. So I will keep the oak stain once I have sanded and did what all they may need.

I may have narrowed down outside color choices on studio and how to match everything up. Please be praying for God's plans for it and the provisions to complete it. Who wouldn't want to walk through these doors each day to go to work? I pray that everyone who walks through them will be greatly blessed and I pray each every day this studio is used it blesses people.

"The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live."- Flora Whittemore

I have always loved these kind of windows which remind me of the ones from my church. I inquired if we could use them on this studio and I was told "Yes!" So with these doors and and these windows we will get enough light. Four windows total two larger and two smaller. I have not yet decided on colors of the windows. I do want unity.

(Below) We are sitting in the shell of a studio this Saturday evening praying and anointing it, dedicating it to the Lord as well as ourselves to His plans for us in this. So excited to share with every one what all God is and will be doing. Every month since the podcast started we have topped the previous goal but, today we celebrate another big milestone for the highest number of people we are reaching in one day. We are so blessed by those of you who visit our page and listen to this podcast. You mean so much to us.

When I was a little girl anytime our parents would do remodeling they would let us take markers and write on whatever they were replacing. We felt so special and it was so fun for example, when we were prepping for new floors they let us roller skate through the house. Then we could write with markers on the floors and when redoing the walls we got to write on the walls beforehand. Other times in life we wrote scriptures and blessings in our homes as well when doing the same thing. On this studio we are doing just that. If you have something you would like to include just message or comment and I will write it for you and then I will include them all in postings. How fun and what a true blessing. I can’t wait to read yours. Here are some examples.

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