What's What Got To Do With It? (Podcast 16)

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Hello you, You are probably wondering what’s what got to do with what? Let me ask you what is going to sustain through the hard times, for hard times come and go, they never go away completely. You face a lot of things in life and it is nice to have someone along the way to get through those times in life. No one wants to be alone really. For Relationships and marriages to be strong and lasting it takes  effort and sacrifice.  Thats not so hard to do when you are googlie eyed and in love. So if you are thinking that changing partners is the answer, when things seem to not be going the way you have dreamed of, it is not. Why not? Well, because in every relationship, every marriage it will have it’s own fair share of problems. They may not be the same problems you had before, because problems will present themselves no matter who your partner is, no matter what marriage #1 or #2 etc  you are on. Maybe you are not even seeking any division in your relationship and you feel like you are just settling for what it is, but still there are times you want so much more. We all deserve that. So why just let these bad things happen to you? The first place you need to be searching is within yourself. You see the key to these life changing issues is how committed are you to work through those things? People are all the time saying “Do your research” on this subject or that subject so why not your relationship, your marriage? If you ever feel all hope is gone then commit to faith and talk to God about it. Do this: take the leap of making the two of you a priority by jumping in to dig deeper to discover what cure or solution, and or compromise there is to this issue or problem. Make your partner and the relationship between the two of you a priority. When we begin to see the response we get and how it is received we find ourselves wanting to give more of it and it becomes automatic more than something we have to put effort towards. It makes you a better and happier person as well. It begins to flow from you. It makes you worthy.  Hebrews 11 talks about faith and it says that “Faith without actions is dead.” So act, and be intentional and consistent, even if you don’t feel like you think you should, make effort and your actions can then activate what needs to happen, what needs to change and it activates a response. Ask yourself as well, what needs to change in me? Challenge yourself. -Diana Hudgins


  1. I loved this one as well. Very great tips which are easy to implement, while having a huge effect. I enjoy listening to your podcasts so much! They are so motivating.


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