I Love the Mornings Where I can Work Outside

I love the opportunity of these mornings when I can work outside instead. My co-workers are the very best. They never complain and as long as I fed them and spend time with them they believe in me. Click on each picture as I introduce you to them.

Hank AKA "Hanker Pank and Hank the Cow Dog." Momma and Daddy rescued him at 1 1/2 years old. At that time we were his 3rd owners. He was chained to a carport in East Texas. When we got him he didn't like any animals and he was always jumping our fence. So after replacing the fence he loves his look out tower.                                             He is gentle and loves everyone who means no harm.He roamed around the yard with the chickens. Our sweet boy has come so far.                                                                                                             Meet Tiger. He fit in my hand once upon a time.

This is Birdie. She was so friendly that we saved her from harm. She truly loves her Momma and I love her. I wish she would fluff for you to show her beauty. She is a daily reminder that God gave me the Holy Spirit.


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