God Has Been Talking to Me About You

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Are you worried and living in some fear ? Does one day seem to be ok and the next you live in upset? Or say life just isn’t want you want it to feel like? 

I want to talk a little about prayer today and then I want to pray a special prayer over all of us. I feel so much better as soon as I begin to talk to God. When things bother me I am reminded of Who my God is.  I cannot begin to express the relief I feel when I begin speaking out loud to God about Who He is to me. As you are thinking about all that bothers you listen carefully to Who God is to me and you can say it right along with me and see how this makes you feel. He is my provider, my healer, my Lord, my Father, my savior, my comforter, my teacher, my faithful leader. When He is your everything the list of Who He is to you never ends. When I simply began saying Who He is to me peace overcomes me. We are living in some tough times but you know what I am not settling for this new normal. I am expecting God’s Hand to move and things will get better than this when I line my life with what He expects of me. 

For the past week God has been placing the scripture John 10:10 on my heart. It says “I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.” It has given me great comfort. I want to talk to God on our behalf. You can come into agreement with me by saying you receive this prayer. Father God, in Jesus Name I come to You. I ask that you enter our presence where You will remain with us and let us know You are here. Father, calm our anxieties and fears and rid the turmoil of the atmosphere. I speak life into it. I ask that Your voice be heard to each one of us. I pray that each one will receive Your words of wisdom and feel your peace come over us. Father we ask for Your forgiveness and we repent of those sins so that we may be right in Your eyes and pleasing unto You. Give us a mind to be thoughtful and soften our hearts for forgiveness and love for one another so that our own forgiveness be granted as well.  

I often hear those words from the movie “Courageous”...”Rise up, rise up you men of courage.” I know Father You expect us to rise up each and every day. A mediocre life is not what you had in mind for us. I do believe one of Your first priorities for us to have a relationship with You and keep it and secondly take care of our marriages and families. That alone is not always as simple as some in this world may think. They look at ministry as church and in their daily lives which is true, but You say its You and then our marriages and then our families, then other things. When we have our priorities right the foundation of our life is strong. Sometimes that foundation begins to crumble when we become too busy in other areas of our lives. We’ve become more consumed so it is then we know we must stop and begin the repair work and be careful/mindful in our labor. Sometimes we think well I thought I was doing the right thing in all I was or we were doing, even so, the important areas of our lives needed us more. I ask Father for you to help us with discernment in those areas of our lives Father and heal the places that may be broken and needs more of Your Spirit poured into. 

Give us the strength and the courage to rise up to another day, to feel well spiritually, emotionally and physically enough. To have to the wisdom to go to work, school and daycare and do what we must do each day. Protect us from the evil in this world and help us to walk in light of You. Guide us in how we interact, respond and are a witness to all those outside our families. Let us be pleasing unto You. May those of us who are heads of our households and leaders of our families be examples to our children how to be the patriarchs. Words that come to mind are “If not you, then who?” It starts right now, in this moment. Women in this family it means you too. Women were meant to be strong women of God. He didn’t make you to be weak. He made you to be strong and wise, supportive and loving and kind. Everyone rise up and take hold of who you are meant to be. Do not let anything have power over you or your family. Do not allow satan to have a threshold in your life and to come in and take your life and your marriage, your family, your livelihood. Rise up! You are stronger than the evil one, find your courage and put on that armor and take authority over those things in Jesus Name..

Father You tell us in Your Word that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. Awaken souls to who the real enemy is. His name is Satan and we identify you satan and we see you and we bind you in the name of Jesus from the destruction you are seeking in our lives and in our families. And we fill these areas with the love of Christ.  Remind us Father of the armor You have given us and to examine each piece, know what it means and how to put it on and use it fight the good fight the way that You would have us to fight. Let us be pleasing unto You our God. 

You teach us in Proverbs 18:21 that “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”  Father quickly remind us that when we chose negative words of life to understand that we are choosing to poison and destroy. I ask those of you which words will you chose? The positive words of life or the negative words of death? Those negative words that come out of our mouths over ourselves and our situation and those spoke to others are set in motion to steal, kill and destroy. So we must be careful what we say and the tone in which we say them for in the negative way there is no good in using them. Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen-Hebrews 11:4. So in our own words when even referring to ourselves we must use faith. We must speak positive so that we can have life.   Let us learn from the Great “I am”...

Make us examples for our children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, children all around us. May you heal and bless areas in our lives where our families can grow. Let us be true partners in life to the spouses You have planned/given to us. Bless our marriages with You the center of the union always. Place a hedge of protection around our family members, our marriages and its families. Help us to always seek You first in all things.  May You help us heal from our hurts and the attacks we have endured. May we become a much stronger people because we have sought You in our times of need and sorrow as well as in our good times. Help us in making decisions in the day to day and in life changing events. May you bless each of our lives and guide our paths. May we embrace new opportunities and change with excitement and trust in You Lord. May we seek ways to grow to make us true and courageous warriors of Christ. When we must take a stand may we stand with dignity in You. 

Give us a mind and a heart Father to understand and a compassion of grace for one another and to all people we encounter in our lives. Help our eyes to be open to what the enemy is trying to do. Help us to silence his laughter and his joy which he is having in our lives, so our response to him is that we are doing what is right and good by You our God. As tiring and stressful as these days may be, they are the last days of this season of life. Seasons of life change and they will never be here again. Each day that goes by we are closer to the end of this particular journey. Let us keep in mind that the current season of our lives will always determine the next. May we finish well.

Emotions change and do not stay the same but, our God never changes so we ask our God to help us wage the war of conquering what it is that the emotions are saying to us. Rise up each one of us and give us strength to be a good and faithful servant of the Lord. Heal the emotional hurts and send release. Flow into us the strength and courage to find forgiveness for others as well as of ourselves so that all shall be free of this bondage that we have been under. Replace this with kind and clear words to speak and words that build up and do not tear down. Let the reception of our words be received with love and forgiveness too.  Show us how to speak life into our own lives as well as to others. Teach us how to chose our words before our mouths ever open. Give us sensitivity towards one another and to those feelings. I ask that we be sensitive to the load each one carries because You give each of us our own lives and a cross to carry which is what we should know with You as our guide we are capable of carrying. 

Our battle today will not be against “flesh and blood” but the deceitful forces of evil (Ephesians 6:12) and the deceitfulness of indwelling sin (Hebrews 3:13). And these two forces are going to try to use our emotions against us. So it might be helpful, by way of preparation, to remember the purpose of emotions so we can fight more effectively and know when to counter them.

People each believe they each have something at stake and they are trying to defend it and or understand it and find a way to express it or shall we say at times vent without even realizing that is what is being done. Venting is an outlet. But we should often times rethink before we chose to do so because God has taught us the lesson in His words of Proverbs 18:21 of our words of life and death. Father we are thankful that we can tell You everything, our sorrows, our aliments, our frustrations, our anger, our loss. The more we talk to You about it the better we feel and we feel those fears, upsets, and worries flee from us. We claim the restoration that comes from giving those things to You.  And we do not receive any negative words that would try to steal our lives and the joys of our lives. We speak life and blessings over one another and our children and we teach them to do the same.

Father God You designed our emotions to be gauges, not guides. They’re meant to report to us, not dictate us. We must realize that the pattern of our emotions will give us a reading on where our hope is because they are wired into what we believe and value and how much. We have emotions like delight, affection, fear, anger, joy, etc., which reveal what our heart loves, trusts, and fears. Remind us Father that our emotions are wired into our fallen natures as well as into our new natures, sin and Satan have access to them and will use them to try and manipulate us to act faithlessly. That’s why our emotional responses to temptation can seem like something you must do or can’t help control. Emotions are not our boss. They’re indicatives; they’re reports. That’s why Paul wrote in Romans 6:12, “Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, to make you obey its passions”. 1 Peter 5:8 says “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour”. He will make promises to and/or threats against you. He will likely try and tap into your weak areas of unbelief and you may find your emotions surging in the wrong direction. Father teach us to exam our emotions and journal and talk to you and someone we can trust about how we are and most importantly seek Godly advice. We do not need to let the whole world know our woes. You are the One with all the answers. We chose to speak life.

Father remind us that we need to have compassion for one another, one as Christ has for us.  Let us remember that You created each one of us uniquely and not one of us are to be alike, the common factor is to be Christ like. We need to live a life that when we wake up to face the day we feel we have done what we can to be right with You Lord. So that we know that we have given the best of our ability and within our capabilities having sought after You, to be able move forward in this world that we must live in and with the people that we do life with. We need to feel peace that we have done right by everyone and conviction when we have not. Remind us to spend time with You Lord so we may find more and more of the confidence and peace we so desperately need. When life gets to be chaotic we need to just stop and go to You Father until we find that peace that can only be found in You our God.

Give each of us the desire to seek You first for You always have the best plan for us. Father we know that You always go before us and make a way. You fight the battles we place in Your hands with our trust. We have to realize once its in Your Hands we cannot take it back for if we do that means we didn’t trust.  You always have the answers. For You Father are our confidante’, our protector, our advisor, our provider, our teacher, our leader, the lover of our souls. You are our parent, our Father Who loves us and wants the very best for us. You are our savior, our healer,You are our captain Who calms the storms of our lives. And You are our disciplinarian as well. You our God are all things good to us and for us. Teach us all to remember those facts. People, stop, just stop and go to the one with all the answers. Help us to say what we mean Father and mean what we say. And to think twice about that last one before we even speak. All of our answers are found in Your Word. 

Instill in our ongoing thought process Father to seek how and to pray for one another, to care for one another, to love one another and how to respond to one another. Restore families in America Lord. Start with this one, start right now.

In Jesus Name I ask, I pray, Amen.


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