I Want & Need God and You Every Step of the Way

I know you have been awaiting my podcast launching. Me too!  I am excited to share my heart and my passion with you. I have one podcast ready and two podcasts ready to record but the delay has been that my allergies have got the best of me, or as my youngest daughter said, "ole satan is trying to keep you from doing this." It comes as no surprise, he has always tried to take me down and all the plans for my future. He's afraid of my future, he's afraid of what I have to share. But no matter what he has done to me, I rise back up! I keep going maybe not as fast as I wish I could at times, but I eventually gain my strength back and get back up to speed. 

So this time it's that the allergies and its sinus drainage has made me not sound at all like myself. With the beautiful sunny days I have been working outside a lot more in my garden and working in my lawns. So here I am waiting for this to pass so I can finally get the launching of my podcast accomplished and on its way. I am so excited. I hope you are too! 

The first one is entitled "This is my Podcast" which introduces me, some fun things you may not know, my mission and why the podcast.  It will always be real and honest and from my heart so that you can be too with me. The second one, "What in the Pandemic?" it speaks of the past year and how it has affected us in ways we may not have seen or even understand and make sense of, but giving encouraging ways to get through it.  The third one is "War Room" sharing my prayer closet, my place I have been working from and ways we warriors can win and conquer.  

To those of you who may not know I have written a book for all ages entitled "The Farmer's Princess" and my oldest daughter is currently working on the illustrations for it.  I hope to have this book out and available to you on Amazon this year. I have a marriage story to tell as well. I am very excited at how many of you come and visit this page. I appreciate you so much and you must know how encouraging this is to me. Thank you with all of my heart.  My grand little boys are really encouraging me to do more with YouTube as well so you may be seeing a series coming especially now that school is out!

Three years ago my husband and I began sharing space in our home with our daughter and three grandsons. So when I needed a space to have some quiet time with God, to start my prayer mission and to work from I made room in my clothes closet where I have been working out of for sometime. I was simply thankful and happy to have created such a space that I have been sharing it with others encouraging them to maybe do something like this too. It's amazing what all you can put into a small space and be able to do and create. It's amazing to me, this person who gets claustrophobic how comforting a "prayer closet" can be. 

I awake one morning to my husband and our son planning to build me a studio out in our back yard. I truly didn't think it would happen this quickly and or that anyone else would be as excited about this as I am, but they are.  I really didn't think it would happen. Having a studio separate from being at home helps so much because home gives you so many distractions. At least this way I can walk out the door and go to work!  God has been good to us and taken care of us through this long harsh season.  I have been without my job for almost a year and my husband's pay was cut as well. My family has needed me in so many ways this year, but with nearly half our income taken and now my husband's health insurance went up 25% and how cost of living is all going up, I have had to activate my faith in the thoughts and provision of this studio and our future. 

While in a discussion with them about the studio I shared how I was encouraged with how our oldest daughter asks God for things she wants that maybe someone else doesn't anymore, for either its just in their way, they don't have time to mess with it or they just have extra laying around.  God supplies her with those things.  I said I am going to ask Him for building materials for my studio. After all he supplied me with the talented builders. Within minutes I found the doors I wanted, absolutely free. This guy had these doors and just wanted someone to come pick these up, so my guys went and picked them up! I am going to keep asking and seeking and sharing.  

I know the importance of prayer coverage and having a prayer team of people praying for you! What I am asking of you my dear friends is that you pray too in this with me and pray for me in my calling.  You are so much about the direction I have been called too. I want you in it with me every step of the way. And once those words came out of my mouth I recalled this song I share with you today. I want and need God and you every step of the way.


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