It's ok to feel what you how you have. You are not alone.

If you do not find yourself discouraged these days, in fact for the past year I would say that is highly unusual. From experience I know that somedays it is just tough to get through the days without tears.  I know from talking to people that most of them want the same things I want, to simply live my life and enjoy the simple pleasures. Some of us have been more affected than others but we have all been affected by something we would never wish upon anyone or want for ourselves.

If you find yourself sad, afraid and even lonely, that should be expected after all that we have had to endure this past year.  Probably like usual it seems not as many people are talking about these feelings even if they have actually experienced it themselves. Its like they want to appear stronger than they really are and they don't want anyone else knowing their business. And thats alright too, but some of us need to know that what we are feeling is ok and even normal. So, for those brave enough to admit it, let's talk. 

You have a right to all your feelings. It's ok to feel what you are feeling. Sometimes those     feelings do not even make sense, but thats ok too. You have a right to even be mad because for most of us, our lives have been turned upside down. Some of the country went back to school this year while others did not. Most wore those masks which made the little bit of normal of going back to school feel awkward and uncomfortable. The rules are always changing. They don't know enough but, they don't want anyone else to come up with a solution either so they censor what we can share and another reason why I try to write more on my blog than my Facebook.

Some of us are grieving, not only the fact that we may have lost people in our lives to illness and disease and a high level suicides being reported and not reported. We don't know what to believe and that in itself is very disturbing. We are grieving job loss, material loss, and our routines of life. Our routines of life was so irrupted that those who were able to keep their routines don't even understand how upsetting that has been. People are staying home due to job loss and due to mandatory work from home. Many, many are struggling, it's lonely, it's not normal.  We lost much of our freedoms as well and it looks like if we don't take a stand we could loose a whole lot more. People are grieving the loss of their homes and their things, their businesses, the things they have worked hard for.  Some are grieving our dreams that have been shattered. Some have lost their life savings, their future, and wonder how do I pick up and go from here? It wasn't suppose to be like this.

We miss hugs and smiles, and breathing fresh air. We often times feel hopeless and find it hard to pick up our dreams and envision them again. Somedays the tears simply can't stop welling up in our eyes and streaming down our faces. Sadness fills our hearts and takes our breath. 

And if you are one of those awaken by what has been taking place in our world all our lives, I mean truly been taking place, then you have felt betrayed. You've also have been thankful that you haven't known until now because that was the America you most likely want to believe in. And now they are trying to tell us who to hate and why. I don't hate anyone. I felt our world has truly come so far only to have someone else tell us it hasn't. Just who are they and why are they promoting this type of thing? And no matter what, I still feel like there are more good loving people than there are mad and mean ones. I am so encouraged when I see people like I listened to at the Health and Freedom Conference in Oklahoma a couple of weekends ago. Those people are the kind of people I believe we all must be like that rise up to the calling. So what are we going to do about it all? 

We are responsible for our own happiness. We have to realize that every person has their own lives and their own set of problems and emotional struggles. So don't be quick to judge anyone, for if you do you will be disappointed. We are going to have to sow a seed to meet a need. Reach out to others and even reach out if you need help, because frankly people are overwhelmed and may not recognize your pain because of their own. We are going to have to come together and unite. We are going to encourage one another, for no one should feel alone.  We are going to stand up for what is pure and good. We are going to rise up like the Americans we are and for those from other nationalities who live in other countries this is you too, right where you live, and we are going to make our voices heard.  You know why? Because we each one matter. And whatever you do each day matters and will matter to the future of our world. Remember the "Butterfly Effect?" The concept referred to as the butterfly effect is for one example when “a butterfly can flutter its wings over a flower in China and cause a hurricane in the Caribbean.” So whatever you may do no matter how large or small has an effect on someone somewhere. So rise up and be the positive change you want to see. 

There is strength in numbers as a team, as a family, as a nation and as a world, but also in knowing you are not alone in how you feel. Don't disregard those feelings and what those did to you.  Question to ask yourself now is what are you going to do about it? How can you use those feelings for such good and for strength? You can overcome.  No one wants to continue to live like this and take anymore. We must partner together and decide to rise up from these ashes. Even if you have come out of this past year rather unscathed know that your fellowman, your neighbor, your friend, your family member hasn't. And they need you. Someone always needs you and you need other good people as well in your lives. The struggle is real people, it isn't easy by no means. But we cannot not sit by idly still, we must act.

I have always turned to God. During this past year I created a prayer closet. It's my go to place to talk to God and talk to you all who read my blog and listen to me speak. I go there to cry, to plead and talk to God about everything good, bad and ugly. I talk to Him about everything I want back that the enemy has stolen from me. Time too, time we will not get back, we can't get that back but, as we move forward we must decide how to spend it and I sure do not want it to be filled with all the feelings I have endured this past year. And we cannot go around just declaring and decreeing, you must act on those things you speak. You have heard that actions speak louder than words. God wants us to act on those words.  What I want is to be stronger, braver and more than a conquerer. Rise up, be fearless, do not back down. Stand for what you know is right and good and honor your God. Make the changes happen. 

Do not idolize anyone. Be who you want to be. Get up each and every day and smile at yourself as you look in the mirror, even if you don't feel like it. Say words of affirmation over yourself even if you feel like you are just reading them. Eventually they will become true words. Honor God, seek Him first. 

God tells us that there is a time for all things. There are seasons for certain reasons in our lives. He also tells us that we were created for a time such as this. Why would He chose to have you living in this very time? People say that it is such an exciting time to be alive. I believe it is all at how you look at it.  It is frustrating and scary times, but then again if He chose us then He must know that we have what it takes to rise and make a difference to win this very battle. So rise up and fight the good fight of faith in Him and what He can do through us, together! You are not alone. 


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