I do not want to be Ordinary but Radical, Extreme, and Uncommon (Repost)

In times such as these we have to reach for strength.  When taking a spiritual gifting test my strongest gift is my faith and that doesn't at all surprise me. However it is also something I often times struggle with as well. But once I rise up to it, its there strong and mighty! As I have reflected back over my life I can see that my faith was instilled in me from birth. I had a mother who knew it was important for me to know God. I had a grandmother who prayed for me every day of her life. I didn't have a perfect little life nor did I always make the right decisions. In fact I have made some really poor ones. There were times I felt so lost, but I felt even in the most trying times of my life God was always with me. I remember crying out to Him. I always felt there was hope I just didn't know when things were going to get better, but I somehow knew they eventually would. That somehow was God. I can't remember not talking to Him or not knowing of Him. So in that I know I am very fortunate. I know that there are people that have not experienced that. I truly with all my heart want everyone to know that same hope and grow to that this kind of radically obedient faith that can move the mountains of trouble in their lives.

At 7 years old I accepted Christ as my savior. But I truly didn't commit to a relationship and give my life to Him until I was 23 years old. I fell to my knees one night at home and I just gave my life up to Him and I told Him He could have my life and make it His own. I was believing Him for everything. It was the best decision I ever made, not only for me but for my family.

I know that I have uncommon faith. It's not ordinary, it's not average. Its above and beyond faith where I have a boldness and a confident faith for the extra ordinary. It's radical faith, it's extreme where I believe God for anything and I have. I don't make little plans. I have asked and expected my God to do great things for me and He has. I don't settle. If I don't like the answer to a problem in life I search until I find the one that is meant to be, one that feels right in my spirit. I want to be like Peter when Jesus said Peter get out of the boat. He said and do what Lord? Walk on water! It takes radically obedient faith to be like Peter.

Uncommon faith says God give me a double portion. Let me do twice as much as those who went before me. Yes, I admit I am bold. I boldly confess I am the Child of the Most High God full of uncommon faith. Radical faith gets radical results. Extreme faith gets extreme results. When I release my faith in uncommon ways I am gonna see God do uncommon things. Whatever I put my hands to will prosper and I am blessed. God tells me that I will lend not borrow because I am to be a giver. God said in His Word that He would open the windows of Heaven and pour out blessings that I cannot contain. James 4:2 says you have not because you ask not. So I say ask, ask, ask for the uncommon. I am not singled out, others can have this too. It is a gift and anyone can ask for it too.

God smiles to uncommon faith. If I am bold enough to ask it He's bold enough to do it. Even when there is nothing left I have my faith. I cling to it. I have reason and a testimony as to why I do. It has proven itself over and over in my life. I don't expect life to be easy for me and I know I will come under attack, but I know Who holds my life in the palm of His hand. And I do live a life of expectancy that He will take my hand and guide me through. Do not accept things the way you might think its gonna be or alway has been. Don't be satisfied to maintain the status quo. He wants us to go further. He wants us to live our dreams. He is our Father and He wants to give to His children. Live a life of expectancy. Ask God for supernatural favor. Let your gifts and talents stand out to the fullest. Ask Him to give you breaks that you don't deserve. When we partner together miracles do happen. I am a champion of Hope! I speak life into my life.

Ephesians 3:20 Now unto Him Who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you can ask, think or image. God's laws supersede the laws of nature. God can do what man cannot. Don't be satisfied to maintain the status quo in your life. He wants us to go further. He wants us to believe for that double portion. John 11:21,22.

Sometimes we must have an "even now" faith. Remember even though you and I may have had some setbacks, disappointments, every setback is simply a setup for every comeback. There is always hope and no matter where we are in life, hope is a great place to start.


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