Take Your Umbrella to the Desert

I do have a prayer closet and like anything else I have to be in the midst of something to get a real feel for it, so having done that I have found new ways to accommodate my prayer closet in a way it makes it truly my space and the place I want to be. So in the next day I will be updating my youtube channel with a video  to show you the new look!

This morning my husband sent me a text asking me if I had listened to Dutch Sheets "Give Him 15" podcast entitled "Remember to Bring your Umbrella." He said it reminds me of you.  So I listened to it as Dutch talked about a little girl who brought an umbrella to a prayer meeting in a place that had seen no rain.  The umbrella was her instrument of faith as a testimony that it would rain if she believed and prayed. 

I will always remember the Lord telling me that my faith without my actions are dead. What He means is if I do not say and act as if those things I am believing for and praying for is happening, then its most likely not going to happen. He says He needs me to "show" Him I believe even before it happens.

As I looked around my prayer closet and thinking back over my life and my testimony which is in faith, I responded to my husband with this: Mine is not an umbrella but, a prayer staff in my hand I feel the mighty power of God as I recall the words the Lord said “Moses hold up your staff” and the Red Sea parted. Mine is the Tamborine in which the sound I make with it hits satan right on the top of the head. Mine is my shofar when the sound of my battle cry is heard in the heaven-lees. Mine is the covering of my prayer shawl. Mine is my little bottle of mustard seed reminding me that just one of those small seeds can move a mountain and the cross I hold in my hand, and the bottle of anointing oil sitting before me. Another is my work keychain I anointed and have hanging before me after being furloughed to remind me that regardless God cares about my heart and what I want about going back to this particular job. The gavel souvenir from the Supreme Court given to me, the Wonder Woman figurine that my daughter gave me reminding me that I can do anything, the cross necklace that my sweet Gabriel gave me, the declarations, decrees, prayers and promises written on the walls of my prayer room. Mine are the strands of hair of each of our children that I have saved.

It all began as a little girl looking out my window each night looking up at the stars asking God to send me you. It was that framed marriage license on our bedroom wall and that bible I laid on your pillow each night after we had separated. It was after being so mad and hurt I decided I had to make room in our dresser and in our closet for your clothes to come back too. It was what looked like a bad situation in your job which suddenly in my mind turned into an opportunity to go to Texas and look for a new life and here we are 32 years later. Faith is my testimony but it is also at times my biggest struggle, but I am told that I am right on track, that it is suppose to be that way so I never forget Who my God is, where my help comes from.

So each day when I scan over this prayer wall and thumb through my prayer journal just days ago I wondered if my prayers matter. I know we do not always know how or when many of them get answered. But today was a gift. Today I was blessed with a major answer to some prayers over some people I had been praying for that I had lost touch with. Even thought I continued to not know any updates from them I continued to pray daily and today I received some beautiful news. It was such a rewarding and exciting feeling to me that encouraged me not to give up on prayers.  Please comment or email me and share your ideas and thoughts you have on your own prayer closet or symbols of faith. Please send me your prayer requests so that I may pray for you. And in case no one has told you today that they love you please know that I love you. -Diana


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