Join the Army of God: Create Your Own Prayer Closet

This pandemic has stolen so much from us and I believe that not everyone understands the extent of such losses. This isolation and mandates of pressuring us to do things that are not normal and not even healthy disrupts our routine of life. Routines are important. Not seeing smiles and even seeing people speak. It has been a long overdue season of mourning.  We have lost jobs, loved ones, lifestyles, many relationships and marriages have been damaged and destroyed. It has divided a world in beliefs. And then to see how this year is going just adds even more stress. No one has not in some way been affected.

I admit to you it has been the most difficult year of my life. I did't loose anyone to COVID but I had several people most especially my father passed away in this year. I lost my job, I lost my daily routine of my lifestyle and we have lost 40% of our income. I found myself very isolated, lonely and depressed. A strong person I am but this has been hard.  Hard times have fell upon my family. So my husband went from the two of us to the seven of us. So I can only imagine if you don't have a relationship with Jesus to get your through. And then you have those people who seem so oblivious to what is going on. They won't listen to anything but mainstream media (MSM). 

So many people have put more trust in the vaccine than in the power of God. Ask yourself do you push the power of a vaccine more than you do the power of Christ?  Covid is real but, the spirit of fear seems to be so strong. Do not put your faith in the vaccine itself. Believers must trust in the power of God. He who dwells in the spirit place shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. If He wasn't talking about Covid and things such as this then what was He talking about? We need to trust in the power of God not trust in man. The agenda is to put your trust in man and not in God. Which one is infallible? I encourage you to do your own research and draw closer to God and His teachings.

God needs our prayers. Not only do we feel encouraged to hear the positive words of our decrees and declarations but so does the Lord. You do not need to be listening to MSM. Spending time with the Lord is so much more beneficial and powerful. You feel so much better just hearing about it. 

I could not wait until the movie "War Room" came out because I have had a deep desire for the kind of prayer life of one of the main characters Ms. Claire has in this movie has. She has a prayer closet where she spends time with the Lord and she fights her battles from in prayer.  So this past Fall being unemployed I worked on my own closet and created my own war room of prayer as well.  I love this place. I need you to do the same thing because our army needs more prayer soldiers.  Since I handed over other spaces of my home this place has become one that I will most likely keep as my home begins to become less occupied. In fact I may let my clothes occupy another closet so this walk in closet can strictly be my prayer closet/war room. I thank God for the carpet in it. 

We Americans, we people of God from all over the world need to become active warriors in the spiritual realm just like Ephesians 6:12 describes how we war and what we war. "For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places."  There are more of us than you think and we must go this extra mile and together our impact is stronger than any possible force coming against us. 

Here is what I have done and I hope it will inspire you and your own ideas. I have prayers written not only in my journal but also on index cards with various colors of markers and pushed pinned on the walls in my closet. I have a big family bible which my children gave to me which I keep a locket of each one of my children and grandchildren's hair inside to pray over.  I also have pinned up declarations, decrees, affirmations and pictures and special drawings. My closet has books, anointing oil, mustard seed to remind me that it only takes the faith the size of a mustard seed to defeat and conquer, to move that mountain.  I have communion dishes made of olive wood just for myself. I have verses and special momentos of inspiration in the Lord. I recently received a prayer shawl that was made in Israel and a shofar war horn and I have a staff my husband found and sanded to hold up just as Moses did when God told him to raise up his staff and the Red Sea parted. I feel the power and the strength of my prayers by utilizing my other weapons of war fare. 

And I want to end with asking you to contact me with any prayer requests that you may have so that I can pray over those for you.  My information you will find by reading the top intro, following those directions and scrolling down the left side of the Home page. Please share ideas and thoughts you have as well and please subscribe.  May God protect you, bless you and may His presence be felt upon you.  - Diana


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