When there is something you really want, fight for it.

While some people know how to press on and get what they want out of life, many people don't try hard enough for anything. If it takes much effort they simply give up or they discount any warrior skills they could possibly develop. They don't know what it is like to go to war for anything. It often times takes blood, sweat and tears. If you really want something you have to work at it and for it. That is how I was taught. You have heard the saying "Anything worth having is worth working for." "Nothing comes easy." But truly if the "going gets tough, people these days seem to give up." Here are a few of my biggest examples in my life.

My husband and I were married when we were 16 and 22. We were separated twice in our first 7 years of marriage. When I fell to my knees and gave all I had to Jesus Christ at 23 years old our lives changed forever. I stood in faith and I was not willing to give my children's lives up to another statistic of divorce. I kept believing when all things looked bleak and even when I didn't feel like it. Even when all people even those who loved me didn't see any hope, this little girl got brave, braver than I knew I had in me. We along with the great help of Jesus made it.

A few years later my husband and I moved our family to Lubbock Texas Dec. 1, 1988 where we knew absolutely no one. I said I would give it a year and if it didn't feel right we would move back home. A year came and I had this feeling that if I gave in that I would one day regret not hanging in there longer to see if we could have made a life in Texas and that possible regret really scared me. So I gave it another and then another and its been over 32 years and not one year of it do I regret. In all of it, the marriage and the life God gave me so much more than I begged, screamed and cried for in my prayers. God honors our faithfulness and our commitment. Even though marriage is often times hard I wanted a successful, loving one and I wanted a life we both created . Going into all that we did we knew this life would not be easy. We made love a priority. I might do things a little differently but I would not regret my choices of my partner, our marriage, our family and our life in Texas. I am thankful, happy and stronger. I am head over heels in love even more than the day I said I do.

When I decided to go to college as a 30 something year old student, wife, mother and business owner I never imagined I would actually graduate let alone earn a Master's degree. I felt that way because for me it was such a privilege to have the opportunity to go to college. I was a first generation student in my family. I also felt I might not make it was because I struggled with algebra. I had not been taught Algebra in my life and math had become my worst subject from my experience which was that in the middle of my 6th grade year I went from having an A's and an excellent teacher to being traumatized by a lazy one. This new teacher would humiliate me in front of the class when I couldn't adapt to his poor packet type teaching skills to the point that I quit asking for help and thus my grade suffered as well as my confidence in my math skills and myself.

The one thing that kept me from quitting college was the thought that I would always be just one class away from such accomplishment. I struggled and I dropped the algebra class so many times because I feared a bad grade. In the process of working and dreaming of earning those three college degrees I was so involved in school taking on many roles and achieving so much more than I ever believed possible.v And even though Alegbra was my worst grade in college all my other grades were excellent and I passed and I achieved. I did it. So So here we are in uncertain times in life. What will you do? There are things that have taken place right before our eyes, but we were in a dream world not realizing the crimes taking place. We thought we were living this American Dream, while all the wild some people were in a living hell from the hands of evil and selfish ones.

Life is busy and we wonder how we will find time for anything else. But here we are today as our country needs us, our future generations need us and our lives here and now need us to stand and to speak. We cannot be silent and sit back and settle. We can't be afraid to make our voices heard for what we believe in. We cannot be brainwashed by our government or main stream media. Just because someone says something doesn't make it true. Research, discern and do not sit by and take it. Do not worry about the fact that someone else will not like what you say and believe and there will be plenty of them, don't let them silence you. There are people who will want to hear your message and need to hear it. There will be those who join your army of truth and purpose. If your words are your conviction then it must be important enough to you to not let it all fall by the wayside and give in to the other side. Do not surrender. Fight the good fight.


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