It's Time to Question Your World and Rise up and Roar!

Would you rather wake up on your own or have someone wake you? Have you ever been sedated? And why would a person/people need to be sedated? What are you able to do when you are sedated? Can you think for yourself? I know sheep would rather you tell them what to do and where to go, but not I. How about you? Or are you too busy counting those sheep to pay attention to what is really happening? Why would anyone want to take down and block information and keep you from forming your own opinion? Unless of course, they are hiding the truth and at all costs they can't be exposed. Possibly could it be that they don't want you to have a belief or an opinion and they maybe hiding a whole lot from you, no matter their cost or reputable business reputation? Could it be that they are not whom you thought they were? Couldn't things have changed over time from what you felt you used to know? How do you continue to put your trust in that if you never question it? Because you realize don't you that things can always change? You do realize that things never stay the same, right?

If you know then you know. If you don't know then I know its time for you to wake up and to begin to question, investigate, research, and find the evidence to the questions you should be asking! I am not going to cram anything down your throat and force anything on you. In fact please don't believe everything you find and you shouldn't. Don't just take someone else's word for it, do your own research. Learn to use your own discernment God has given you. Don't trust everyone and everything, dig deeper. But you may need to fine tune that discernment and do not allow it to be clouded by your old thought processes which may need to change too. You have to be careful of the influences of certain people because those things may need to change just because they are not growing and could also be stuck. Your mind was created to be expanded to growing possibilities. Do it if not for yourself, then for the generations after you. I realize that even having done my own research, I don't have to present you with evidence, because it is so blatantly clear that all I need to present you with is to ask you, to ask your own questions, find out for yourself. Because you see you should be questioning everything. You should be praying for those answers and every one of us. We have to be a praying people for all people, and for the good people and yes even for the bad. Please begin to wake up.

It is not just one party, its not just this nation, it is world wide, those possible crimes you should be questioning that may have been committed could it be that these people and these things are all be tied together? Could it be that together they are owned by a lot of money that controls them to hide the truth from you? Another point could it be that these people see it as their careers and lives on the line for not just them but their families? For those reasons could it be controlling your life too? And for these whom are in control, who hold the power, could it be that all this stuff they want to keep you from knowing has made them a whole lot of money and control? And who wants to loose power and money once they have it? Does that seem to make sense to you? Or what other reason is there? Why can't you hear and voice both sides? For those of us alive today and even those who have gone on before us our world has never been the fairy tale of what we thought it was. And yes, even as bad as we have thought our world could be it is a fairy tale compared to the real truth. That should be enough to provoke your mind to want to know more. Because the truth is many have been living a nightmare. But are you just too afraid of the truth? I totally get that. And now is not the time for you to get too lazy to dig deeper? Because I promise you won't simply find it because they are working hard to keep it from you. Don't let them keep you in La La Land. But I will say many have done their work and you can find them and thanks to them you begin there.

So if they won that means they are so popular and there would be no need to be so protected. Right? Why would anyone want to harm them especially because "they won" and their people would definitely outnumber the other side, right? And where is all the praise and "Good Job" talk and posts? How come "no one" wants to hear the evidence that is clearly insurmountable? Could it be that the courts too are involved as well and or maybe others fear for their lives or are covering up things they may not want you to know while some are being threatened? Why would that be? I mean isn't hearing the evidence part of their job description? What are we paying them for? And if they don't hear these cases, where will anything ever be right again? Will there ever be any justice in this nation again? How is this acceptable to you?

Are there things and people which are connected to one another? Where have all those missing people and children gone? And if so why and who? What happened to them? And what about those people we have never seen, those born into this? Why did others come up missing and those born into it never seen, for what purposes? And where have they been? Where have they been living? Did you know that most of them have never seen the light of day? What issues does that cause? Could it be more than sex trafficking? You know many are dead and so have you asked yourself how did they die? Many are alive and so what kind of lives are they living? Do you know all the reasons "they" might want them? It has been decades since children's faces appeared on milk carton hasn't it? And you know don't you that there is such evil in this world and you know that it is far worse than you want to know about, right? Isn't that why you don't want to know? Do you not think that all those lives need you to wake up? Can you not see that by being silent you are not off the hook and that doesn't make you innocent? What does it make you then?

Do you even know what they are truly involved in and what they are trying to hide from you? What do they fear? And what is it that they don't want us to know? Do you know what it is? Because its there and its a whole lot. Are you beginning to realize just how asleep you really are? Or is that lion in you beginning to rise? It needs too. You are so much better than this lazy "let someone tell me what to believe mentality" or "I just want to keep my head in the sand and protect myself from knowing the truth." You are an American for God's sake and this is His nation. Did you know this is a world wide effect and we must lead? Can you not see your freedoms slipping away a little bit each day? And are you just going to sit silent and clueless and let it all be taken from you and yours?

Did you know that media and technology can definitely censor and manipulate you? So why don't you find out how they do this and learn to figure it out? Do you know what propoganda is? So is what you thought you heard and seen the truth about someone or a situation? Hmmm, could they have pieced and spliced things to make you think otherwise? Have you really heard the whole story? So do you really know someone you have never met? You know someone you haven't actually sat down and spoken with but someone who you have only seen through the media. Someone who they always twisted and turned the story on, someone who they banned because it simply didn't meet their narrative. So do you really know the truth? Are you beginning to see how easily influenced you just might be? Maybe you should begin to question everything, but do more than question, dig deeper, go further.

Did you know there is an art to war? Did you know we are at war and do you know just how long we have been at war? Do you know what it is about? Did you know that when you go to war you never reveal your plans especially to the enemy but, not even to your people or the media so that it doesn't leak out to the enemy to know. So when you go in to rid the battlefield of the destruction the enemy is doing to your people of course your enemy is not going to like it. The enemy also has his army that will do all it can to take you down. The cause is to defend the honor and goodness that you wish to keep in place or rescue from the attack of evil. The enemy has known they were at war, while others were too busy sleeping to understand, they thought they could just listen to the news and believe all was just fine. But it wasn't. There have been countless of victims suffering and paying the price. Did you know that? Where do you place your honor? Who have you misjudged? Have you done your research? Or are you just randomly speaking out of your sleep driven dreamy state of mind?

The list of questions are endless. There is so much to be asked about especially in this past year where things have begin to come to a head. Life as we knew it wasn't what we thought it was, it never has been, but if we just take what is being forced onto us then where we are going isn't the answer either. Maybe you can't but those of us who have been awaken can see it is giving up and giving in. Given all these questions, whose in control? And what are you going to do about it? Are you a warrior or are you a coward? Because if what you believe to be truth is your stand then stand, and prove your point! Do not be silent because if we all become like that, then we will be silenced. So rise up and roar and lets move forward to greatness not this destruction to what made us free and appealing to the rest of the world. If you want that move somewhere else. Too many lives have been sacrified to give us our freedoms.


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