Faith is the Substance of Things Hoped for. The Evidence of Things Unseen.

I have a testimony of faith, of standing in believing what God has told me, what He has promised me. I am so surprised by the amount of every day people that I know that do not have that kind of mainstay type of faith. They can't see beyond the things that cannot be seen. They only see and hear in what they see in the here and now. Its so disappointing to see them cower to giving in and giving up. I pray that they have their moment of awakening and they will be thankful once they do.

Of course we each one get discouraged from time to time, sometimes even in moments of each day. Sometimes it is a matter of learning how to discipline our emotions and sometimes we simply need others around us that hold us accountable to continue to fight the good fight against feeling discouraged, doing things that help keep us uplifted. Other times we just need to be in the fellowship of our family and friends.

I believe we are about to step over that thereshold into a time where we will not only see miracles, signs and wonders, but those of us who have the testimony of faith will be God's vessel and will actively be performing those things. What a wonderful time to be alive. We were born for such a time as this.

Be careful what you put your agreement too for you will take ownership to it and will be held accountable to it. Be careful who you congratulate and think carefully what you are saying. Our words are so important. Our words speak life and death into our lives and into the lives of those we speak too. Our words determine our future. So speak them well. And have the faith to see your future in a positive light as well. God bless. Rise up and challenge yourself to a beautiful life.


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